[homestucks nodding as they reblog]

I swear I’ve never seen a fandom as chill about hate as Homestuck. Someone goes “HOMESTUCK SUCKS BLUH BLUH” and the Homestuck it’s directed at will just high-five them and go “DAMN STRAIGHT LOOK AT THIS BULLSHIT”

i might make a tag for max but idk it would just be a bunch of saxophones



Without sound it looks like an opening to a gay porno

I try so hard


Because I am so happy to get back into the world of blogging and to thank everyone for their great and very meaningful support I decided to make this one the best yet :D It features 3 prize packs (1st to 3rd place) and a Canon DSLR camera, wigs and much more. If you follow me just to join, that’s rather disappointing, and Good Luck to everyone.

1st place pack: 1 Canon Eos-400D with 18-55mm lens / 1 new L-email blond and pink wig / 1 new H&M pink skater dress (medium) / 1 pair angel tights / 1 pair eyelashes / 1 eyeshadow palette / 2 deco sticker sheets / 1 Dollywink catalog / 1 purikura clear file / 1 Hello Kitty scalp massager / 4 cute phone straps / 1 My Little Pony (not pictured)

2nd place pack: 1 new L-email blond wig / 1 new pink tutu skirt (one size) / 1 pair ribbon tattoo tights / 1 set of ichigo flatware / 1 My Little Pony / 1 eyeshadow palette / 1 Dollywink catalog / 1 purikura clear file / 3 phone straps

3rd place pack: 1 new L-email pink wig / 1 purikura clear file / 1 My Little Pony / 1 Listen Flavor badge / 2 phone straps


This giveaway is entirely out of my own pocket and not affiliated with any brand or Tumblr

Winners chosen by random number generator 

You must be 16+ to enter (or have parents permission)

You must be willing to provide me an address for prize shipment

Winners will have 3 days to claim prize, if not new winners will be chosen
Open to international participants

Must be following me
Giveaway blogs will not count
1 reblog = 1 entry (likes do not count)

Open until August 1st 11:30pm eastern time

If you’d like to earn more entries go to Moments like Diamonds


for real this time

marching band camp: a summary

ppl u should follow

mogarn (shes 5 away from 500 follow)
lil-macky-a (hes brand new give him love)

which wouldnt be a total lie bc i always set two alarms

one to get me up and one to get me up

ill just tell him i set two alarms bc it helps me wake up on the second one but this time i got up on the first one

was gonna wait for my dad to come in so i could pretend to be asleep and he could “wake me up” but nah son

here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo)

i have a whole day of marching band camp in upwards of two hours and i havent slept since 10:30 yesterday morning

ohhhhhhhhhhhh right

i couldnt sleep so im watching emperors new groove and??? like we all grew up loving kuzco but hes like a huge dick????????????? like if i were in yzmas place i would have done the same damn thing um